For the self-employed

In a busy daily life as a self-employed individual, there are plenty of things to consider and keep track of. That's why we'd like to assist you when discussing pensions and insurance.

Pensions and insurance are often in the back of the mind, but getting started can be challenging, perhaps because it's a bit mundane. We guide you towards a solid pension scheme, taking the time necessary for you to feel well-prepared for the decisions that lie ahead. Let us simplify and make the process more engaging for you.

One of our tasks is, among other things, to ensure that you can quickly return to your business if you were to be affected by illness or injury.

You may have already arranged pension and/or insurance coverage through your financial institution. However, insurance solutions offered by financial institutions are often far from the most cost-effective in the market. In fact, quite the opposite.


Why Nordic Insure ?

> Because we assist you in obtaining a tailored pension and insurance scheme.

> Because we guide you every step of the way, providing you with less work and hassle.

> Because you receive an annual review of your pension and insurance.

Didn't you receive an answer to your question?

So let's meet and see if we – for you as well – can make things a bit more understandable, simple, and better. That's certainly our goal.

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