Corporate pension

As the leader of the company, you are responsible for your employees. A company pension is not only a benefit for the employees but also an investment in the future of the company and employee satisfaction. Consider implementing a company pension – it enhances competitiveness and demonstrates commitment to your employees' financial future.


> We offer you an independent assessment of the corporate pension market.

> An agreement where we place the insurance solution in a company, while you and your employees have complete freedom to place the pension savings/contributions wherever you prefer.

> Essentially, a departure from the tethering of savings and insurance (company pension) in a single insurance company. Now, you/your company can also choose, for instance, financial institutions.

> Greater freedom of choice and increased flexibility for individuals, as one size 'M' doesn't fit all.

> We, of course, tailor both insurance coverage and savings. Naturally, we adjust both when needed or upon request.

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